Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fantasy Dub Casting: Skip Beat!

(First off, everyone continue to keep Japan and its people in your prayers. Even if you can't afford to donate money, at least give them something)

Skip Beat is my latest favorite manga, one that everyone should be reading. I don't want to give a plot summary, so Wiki or TVTropes is the place for that, but I definitely think it's one of the best shoujo manga this side of Fruits Basket (which I'm going to do a fantasy cast of for the characters who didn't make it into the first anime, as well as a couple of legitimate recasts). That it's a story about acting certainly helps, and for a show about actors, you need great ones.

While there was an anime adaptation in 2008, it only ran for 25 episodes and doesn't appear to be getting a second season. Ergo, my casting here is more based on my experience with the manga. Once again, this will be a mix of different studios, mainly Texas and LA.

KYOKO MOGAMI (Luci Christian)-The heroine of our story, I had already cast Luci as Kyoko before the end of the first chapter. Kyoko has so many different sides to her personality and her own acting roles, but she's such an energetic, positive presence overall that I couldn't help but give it to Luci. This could end up as one of her classic characters, to tell you the truth.

SHO FUWA (Johnny Yong Bosch)-One of Johnny's best recent roles was Izaya Orihara in Durarara (which I do plan to review once Aniplex finishes releasing the show in America). To be frank, he's the largest, most evil prick Johnny's played in his career, and that's what inspired this casting. Sho seems to be getting some character development as the series goes on, but he's a hateful douche at the beginning of the series, and I can see Johnny having a blast with that brand of unrepentant douchebaggery.

REN TSURUGA (Crispin Freeman)-A beautiful young man who seems cold and jerky at first, but is secretly good and kind? Crispin can do this in his sleep, but Ren is complex enough in his emotions that I think the challenge would be interesting for him to tackle.

KANAE KOTONAMI (Trina Nishimura)-Trina is one of my favorite fresh Funimation talents, so I think she'd be perfect for the girl who starts as Kyoko's rival and very quickly becomes her best friend. Kanae is also a total perfectionist who perhaps takes too much pride in her work, and I think this could make for a great comedy duo between Trina and Luci.

LORY TAKARADA (Michael McConnohie)-The eccentric president of the agency Kyoko ends up at, Lory is a role that demands EPIC OVERACTING at times, but significantly more subtle acting at other times when he's manipulating his employees into making each other happier (no really, he does this. A lot). Michael's deep voice can be just as fit for comedy as it can be for drama, so I instantly thought of him for this role.

MARIA TAKARADA (Monica Rial)-Yes, I know it's a cliche, though as Monica herself will tell you, she's had plenty of non-little girl roles. Still, I couldn't think of anyone better to bring forth Maria's particular mix of sweetness and brattiness than Ms. Rial, so maybe it's for the best.

YUKIHITO YASHIRO (Greg Ayres)-Ren's hyperactive, matchmaking manager looks and acts fairly young, so I think Greg could make something really special and funny out of this role.

HIROAKI OGATA (Liam O'Brien)-Liam doesn't seem to play "meek" characters that much, so I thought this would both fit his voice and provide a nice bit of playing against type.

KUU HIZURI (Steve Blum)-Steve absolutely has the ability to pull off the uber-cool movie star who nevertheless ends up as Kyoko's surrogate father for reasons too complicated to explain here (GO READ IT!). That mix of fatherly tenderness (as well as hilariously proud doting) and sheer coolness fits Steve's repertoire to a T.

Coming up on Fantasy Casts: the aforementioned Fruits Basket thing as well as Star Driver. I may also post a review for Summer Wars as well.

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  1. Ooh, SUMMER WARS, huh? I saw the movie a few weeks back, and I really liked it. The dubbing was quite excellent, too.