Monday, September 7, 2009

Websites About Dubs

There are other websites that I know of where there is a loyal group of fans who love dubs for Anime.  Here are some others that I recommend:

Dub Support Live Journal Community -- I know you probably feel bullied by people who tell you that you shouldn't watch dubs.  If so, then this is a good place to go to.  It's not updated very much, but it is dub friendly.

CrystalAcids Database -- This is a website where you can find information about dub voice actors and links to shows they've worked on.  (You might even get to hear some samples!)

Mania/Anime on DVD's English Track Forums -- Probably the best place for dub fans; some of which are owners of the now defunct website. These are some of the nicest, most intelligent people you will find.  I highly recommend this place.

There are also two videos with arguments about Dubbing, both on YouTube.  Here are the links:

OtakuCrave TV's Dub Haters Make NO Sense--Note:  this video is in two parts.

A420 Rants: Anime Dub Haters


  1. What are your thoughts on live action dubs? Are they alright or should the movie be seen with the human actors orginal voices?

  2. Live-action dubbing is much more problematic than animation dubbing, because in the case of the latter, there is no voice attached to the character in question: it's simply a cel drawing, nothing more. Not that there aren't some restrictions on how a character should be voiced, but I think you can get away with this in the case of a painting.

    With live-action, however, the voice is already associated with the actor on the screen, so it would be much more difficult a task to pull it off seamlessly--even more so when it comes to lipflap. I made the foolish mistake of watching Roberto Begnigni's PINOCCHIO in dubbed English, and it was AWFUL... although in all fairness, the original Italian version was not any better either. However, I DID see one live-action dub that wasn't TOO bad, and that was NYAV Post's CUTIE HONEY. I felt that Sinterniklaas did an excellent job with that, and it was one of the better ones I've seen. So it ultimately depends on how it's done.

  3. But which would you prefer to see if you had the choice?

  4. For live-action, I'd probably go with the original language by default, unless the dub is really bad, but for animation, there really is no question for me: dubs are where it's at.

  5. JO Anime Reviews is another good one to add to the list.

  6. I got to say, I really like the tone of your site. All to many reviews of these sort an ugly superiority complex attached to them.